Russia joins Project MinE!Russia joins project MinE! The ALS charity ‘Live Now’ and the ALS Centre Moscow collaborate to contribute sequenced DNA samples to this worldwide genetic ALS project. 

The project MinE consortium welcomes the Russian partners!

Project MinE Russia is run by the ALS Centre Moscow at St. Alexis Central Clinical Hospital and Medical Center “Practical Neurology”. ALS Centre Moscow provides medical and social care for people with ALS in Russia. This center has a large interest in many aspects of ALS in order to improve help for ALS patients. Medical Center “Practical Neurology” provides differential diagnostic in complicated cases of neuromuscular diseases with electroneuromyography and other deals.

Towards a better future

Project MinE is considered a necessary step in further defining the genetic basis of ALS in order to understand ALS causes. The Russian centers want to haste towards a precision medicine approach for ALS patients by designing molecularly tailored interventions based on individual genetic risk factors.


The goal of the Russian project MinE partners is to perform DNA analysis on blood samples of 100 patients and 50 controls. They aim for € 292500 of donations to have these 150 DNA samples mapped with whole genome sequencing.

The funding needed to map the Russian DNA profiles will be raised by the “Live Now” Charity Foundation. This charity will organize various campaigns and events for this huge genetic project.

Have a look at the Russia country page at this website.