Project MinE ambassador Carlos Matallanas passed awayWe are saddened after hearing that Spanish footballer and ambassador for Project MinE Carlos Matallanas passed away last week. Our thoughts go out to his loved ones.

Carlos was a football player and a journalist. After being diagnosed in 2014, rather than taking a step back he started telling the world about his experience with the disease. Together with his family, he decided they were going to make an impact for the entire ALS/MND community.

Together with ALS specialist dr. Mora, the Spanish ALS Research Foundation FUNDELA, Carlos had a significant role in the success of Project MinE in Spain. With his optimism and natural charm he was able to enthuse others to join his fight against ALS. In 2015 he helped organize the concert “Por un mundo sin ELA”, which had a huge impact raising awareness for the disease across all of Spain.

Carlos Matallanas contribution in the fight towards a world free of ALS has been tremendous. He has been an inspirator for many and the memory of Carlos and his ever-present smile will continue to fuel support for the fight against ALS for many years to come.

You can still watch the hour-long talk between Fernando Torres and Carlos Matallanas “Fútbol y vida”

Carlos also wrote a book about his experience with ALS: