Project MinE Sweden has kicked off!Umeå University together with patient organisation Neuroförbundet and the Swedish Brain Research Foundation support Project MinE in Sweden. The renowned neurologist and ALS expert Prof. Peter Andersen leads this ALS research in Sweden.

In 2014 the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” hit the world with great impact in social media. This resulted in a great amount of private donations to Neuroförbundet specifically for ALS. The board of Neuroförbundet therefore decided to grant 1 million SEK to Project MinE Sweden. The board handed a check to Peter Andersen of Umeå University at the freezing cold ice bar in Stockholm.

Project MinE Sweden is supported by Neuroförbundet and the Swedish Brain Research Foundation.

Watch a recent interview with Prof. Peter Andersen on television (mind you ,the video is in Swedish!).

Peter Andersen

Also, an interview with Peter Andersen about ALS is available.