Data of more than 2,500 DNA profiles sent through direct data connectionThe data of more than 2,500 DNA profiles has been sent through the direct data connection from our sequence provider Illumina in the USA to the supercomputer in the Netherlands. In total, Project MinE now has data of more than 4,500 DNA profiles available for analyses.

After whole genome sequencing, Illumina in San Diego USA, sends the data to the SURFsara supercomputer in the Netherlands where the data is stored securely. The non-profit agency SURFsara guarantees safe and fast storage of all petabytes of data for Project MinE. This is a crucial part of Project MinE, as it needs more capacity for storage and analyses than any project before.

All researchers collaborating in Project MinE can analyse their data on the SURFsara network, allowing for fast and efficient analyses. This internationally accessible ICT infrastructure allows the combined analysis of thousands of raw full genomes files, which is unique. With a normal computer network it would take about 600 years to run analyses with these large amounts of sequencing data.

Our goal is to find genetic variations that cause ALS.

With the whole genome sequencing data from 4,500 DNA profiles Project MinE researchers are starting up analyses. Our researchers are working to compare the data from the full DNA profiles of ALS-patients with the DNA profiles of healthy people (control subjects). With these analyses they aim to find genetic variations that are associated to ALS.

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