Carlos Matallanas (Madrid, 18-4-1981) was balancing his career as a journalist with his activities as a semi-professional football player when, in June 2014, he was diagnosed with ALS. From that moment on, he has devoted his efforts to the search of a cure for this neurodegenerative disease. Sadly, he past away March 2021.

Through his blog, Mi batalla contra la ELA (My struggle against ALS), he was determined to raising awareness on the degradation of the body as a consequence of ALS, a disease that could affect any of us. Carlos Matallanas pinned his hopes on Project MinE, raising funds through the FUNDELA foundation and, with the help of friends and family, organizing multiple events.

“The funds raised are not for me, they’re for all of us, for those that are already sick as well as for those that have not yet been affected by this terrible lottery that is ALS”