Professor Naomi Wray holds joint appointments at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) and the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) within The University of Queensland. She is a National Health and Medical Research Council Principal Research Fellow and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. She is a Board Member of the International Society for Psychiatric Genetics, and is Associate Editor for the journals JAMA Psychiatry and Genetics. Her research focusses on development of quantitative genetics and genomics methodology with application to psychiatric and neurological disorders.
Naomi Wray, Prof Peter Visscher and A/Prof Jian Yang together comprise the Executive Team of the Complex Trait Genomics Group (CTGG) funded as an NHMRC Program Grant 2017-2021. The CTGG comprises a critical mass of more than 30 post-doctoral researchers plus research assistants and students, all supported by external grant funding. CTGG is structured into five research themes: Statistical Genomics, Systems Genomics, Psychiatric Genomics, MND Genomics and Genomics of Cognitive Ageing.