Project MinE is teaming up with two large ALS projects in the USA to speed up this largest whole genome sequencing ALS project ever. We share our mission to find treatments and a cure for ALS/ MND with Answer ALS and the New York Genome Center (NYGC). These projects will share genome sequencing information and research expertise to move efforts forward more rapidly and efficiently. 

“Extraordinary” Collaboration Brings Together data and expertise

Collaboration Project MinE, Answer ALS and the New York Genome Center to speed up the search for treatmentsThrough this new collaboration, Answer ALS is partnering with Project MinE and the NYGC’s ALS Consortium to share their well characterized cohort of whole genomic sequencing data to further Project MinE’s international efforts in genetics. In return, Project MinE USA will contribute results from its global genetic studies to further Answer ALS’s objectives, in addition to lending its technical expertise in analyzing sequence data. This adds to the sequencing expertise already provided by the NYGC, which provides whole genome data on Answer ALS participants.

“The size and scope of each of these projects is extraordinary in ALS research,” said Dr. Lucie Bruijn, Chief Scientist for The Association. “To see them join forces will heighten each of their efforts to an unparalleled new level. It is tremendous to see such large research groups, with so many dedicated people, working collaboratively towards eliminating this disease.”

This collaboration adds to the large ALS community involved in big data sequencing efforts designed to uncover new ALS genes, which importantly leads to new therapeutic targets for researchers to go after in the fight against ALS. The more known therapeutic targets increases the likelihood that a treatment will be found.

Anonymous data that comes out of these large, global initiatives will be shared. In turn, duplicative efforts are minimized, while research efforts are sped up. Together, we move advancements forward!

“Both Project MinE and Answer ALS are searching to learn more about ALS in different but complementary ways,” said Dr. John Landers, Co-Director of Project MinE USA. “By combining our efforts, we minimize each of our weaknesses and enhance our strengths.”


“The ability to collaborate with the New York Genome Center and Project MinE is wonderful and speaks to the highly collaborative nature of the scientists and clinicians that make up these tremendous efforts to understand ALS and ultimately develop effective therapies,” said Dr. Jeffrey Rothstein, the founder and Executive Director of Answer ALS.

source: ALS Association