Project MinE progress after one yearOne year ago, we started up our international collaboration for Project MinE, the groundbreaking genetic ALS research. Today ‪Project MinE‬ has thirteen countries involved and more will join in the coming months.

The participating countries have blood samples of ALS patients and healthy controls available. Their fundraising to have these samples sequenced is impressive!

Already 2,400 DNA profiles have been sequenced and 3,050 are being sequenced right now by our whole genome sequencing provider Illumina in San Diego, USA. That means we still have 17,050 DNA profiles to go before we reach our goal of 22,500 sequenced DNA profiles. This large amount of sequenced DNA profiles will give the researchers a wealth of information about genetic variations linked to ALS. With the help of all of the generous people who donate, our researchers can unravel the genetic causes of ALS.

Together we can achieve this! Thank you for being involved!

Have a look at the video of how our international collaboration started of exactly one year ago.