Ambassador Eric Arnold reaches top EverestMay 20th 2016 the Dutch mountaineer Eric Arnold reached the top of the Mount Everest for Project MinE. Eric is relieved that his 5th attempt to conquer the Everest for Project MinE was successful. The analogy between conquering a mountain and conquering ALS is what motivates Eric. Both require many small steps, but the person that persists will reach his goal!

Arnold knows the odds of success. Eric got within 250 meters of the top of the Mount Everest in 2012, where bad weather forced him to turn back. In 2014, he tried again, but the climbing season was canceled after 16 Nepali guides were crushed to death by falling ice. Then, last year, came the earthquake that left 8,000 dead across Nepal. The deadly avalanche it spawned on Everest might have prompted others to give up their quest to climb the mountain, but not Arnold.

In his own way and as ambassador for Project MinE, Eric hopes to be able to contribute to ALS research and he hopes to raise awareness and as much funding as possible. Would you like to help Eric in his support for Project MinE? Please make a donation on this website.