Project Mine is granted with new Computing TimeVia the call Computing Time on National Computer Facilities by NWO, Project MinE is granted with new computing time and storage space for the next two years. With this grant there is enough capacity to go forward with Project MinE and enough space to follow up on calculations, storage and collecting new data.

From Project MinE many complex calculations are processed, operations that a normal computer cannot process. Special technology and equipment are needed to analyze and run all the different calculations, technology that can handle both large sets of data and complex calculations at the same time.

For complex calculations that are needed for wide genome sequencing, Project MinE uses technology of SURF. As these computers are located in the Netherlands, the consortium was able to apply for this NWO-funding. With this grant, NWO (the Dutch Research Council) intends to facilitate high-quality and competitive research.

In the Netherlands there are several facilities where this kind of technological capacity is available. These facilities are managed by SURF. Via NWO, researchers can submit applications for computing time on these systems. Project MinE has successfully submitted an application, which officially has been granted in November 2021.

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