The resource is available to all bona fide researchers for all types of health-related research that is in the public interest, without preferential or exclusive access for any person.

Our data request procedure is currently on-hold due to renewal of our Consortium Agreement to align with latest EU regulations. Therefore, we will not process any requests until further notice.

If you have novel proposals with individual level data either genotype or whole genome sequencing (WGS), please fill in the form for WGS Data Request Form WGS and email to

All researchers, whether in universities, charities, government agencies or commercial companies*, will be subject to the same application process and approval criteria:

  1. Your research request will be evaluated by the Project MinE staff and circulated among the data access committee for approval
  2. If positive, you and your fellow investigators will receive a data access agreement to be signed
  3. You will be granted access to the data using a suitable method
  4. At publication add suitable acknowledgement (Project MinE publication policy)

*data access for commercial companies is limited