Ledro4Life raises €50.332 for Project MinELedro4Life raised €50.332,00 for Project MinE.

Ledro4Life is a hiking and cycling event in the beautiful Valle di Ledro in Italy to raise funds for ALS research.

Ledro4Life was organized in memory of ALS patient Giorgio Brigà who passed away in 2012. It evolved into an annual one day event that brings many people together motivated to contribute to end ALS.

A big thank you to everyone involved in this great event!


The Ledro4Life organizers handed Bernard Muller the cheque for Project MinE.

Fourth Ledro4Life on May 6th 2016!

Do you like hiking or biking through beautiful environments and do you wish to contribute for more ALS research? Join us in the fourth edition of Ledro4Life on May 6th 2016. If you are interested or require more information, please contact christel@ledro4life.eu

Let’s BEAT ALS together!!!