Watch the 'Ask the expert' session with Jan VeldinkPrior to the ALS/MND symposium in Dublin, the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations organised the ‘Ask the expert’ session with three renowned researchers and clinicians in the field of ALS/MND care and research. The session was livestreamed and patients could aks their questions online or via twitter. 

Project MinE, the new genetics of ALS/ MND

In this ‘Ask the Expert’ session Prof. Jan Veldink presented ‘Project MinE: The new genetics of ALS/MND’. He talked about the ALS genes that were identified thanks to Project MinE, the progress of this world wide collaboration and he shared the strategy of Project MinE for data sharing with other ALS research and with research of many other diseases.


Have a look at the video of the session. The presentation of Prof. Jan Veldink starts at 1:02 minutes.

One of the slides in the presentation shows that the number of identified ALS genes shows an exponential growth, this is amongst others due to the available funding and the worldwide collaboration in Project MinE