In memoriam:

Mountaineer Eric Arnold conquered many peaks over 4000 meter in the Alps such as the Eiger, Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. Expanding his horizon, Eric started climbing in the Himalayas in 2002 and got within 250 meters of the top of the Mount Everest in 2012, where bad weather forced him to turn back. He attempted on another expedition to the Mount Everest in Spring 2014. This time he climbed also for Project MinE and the Dutch ALS Foundation. The climbing season was canceled after 16 Nepali guides were crushed to death by falling ice. Then, in 2015, came the earthquake that left 8,000 dead across Nepal.

April 5th 2016 he flew to Kathmandu for his 5th attempt. On May 20th he realized his dream by reaching the top of the Mount Everest!!! Sadly, while descending he perished at Camp IV as a result of altitude-related sickness. Eric was one among a very few Dutch climbers who succeeded in climbing the Mount Everest.

The analogy between conquering a mountain and conquering ALS was what motivated Eric. Both require many small steps, but the person that persists will reach his goal: the top of the Mount Everest or a cure for ALS. In his own way, Eric hoped to be able to contribute to ALS research and to raise awareness and funding as much as possible. He has been an inspirator for many and his death is a great loss.