Portugal contributed their first batch of 58 DNA profiles to Project MinEPortugal has contributed 58 DNA profiles to Project MinE, the worldwide groundbreaking project to find the genetic causes of ALS. These samples will be analysed with whole genome sequencing, reading every single letter of the six billion letter genome. This great progress is thanks to donations to APELA.

The samples were prepared at the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands for sequencing at Illumina in San Diego USA. These DNA profiles concern ALS patients as well as healthy control persons. The researchers will compare the DNA profiles of patients and controls to find the genetic causes of ALS.

Every dollar/ euro will be spent on sequencing DNA profiles to search for the genetic causes of ALS. Please donate to help us speed up the search for treatments of ALS.

With this new batch included, sequencing of more than 9,000 DNA profiles will soon be completed. This is the largest whole genome sequencing dataset that has ever been available for ALS research!

A big thanks to the Project MinE partners in Portugal and to all generous donors!

Together we can make a difference. Project MinE, make it yours!

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