Running a marathon for Project MinE!Within one week, Edwin Veekens and several other fantastic folks will be starting in the Rotterdam Marathon, which they are running to support Project MinE.

Running a marathon is already quite a challenge for sportsmen, but really impossible for people with ALS. Edwin Veekens has been training over the last months to run the Rotterdam Marathon on Sunday 13 April for his friend Robbert Jan Stuit. Robbert Jan is ALS patient and one of the initiators of Project MinE. Edwin considers the marathon a minor challenge compared to what Robbert Jan is going through, and he admires the way Robbert Jan is facing his battle and is still enjoying his live. With his upcoming sportive endeavour, Edwin hopes to raise more awareness for ALS and more funding for Project MinE.

Would you like to help Edwin and the other guys that are following his lead? Please make a donation on Edwin’s site, all contributions will go to Project MinE. Watch a short video about Edwin and Robbert Jan here (in Dutch only).

Update: Edwin Veekens raised 2.5 DNA profiles for Project MinE with his successful sub 4hrs marathon in Rotterdam yesterday! Thanks Edwin, and congratulations!