UK hits 68%The MND Association in the UK has now raised 68% of their fundraising goal for Project MinE. With this amount they have sequenced 1,207 DNA profiles.


Even more samples are currently being analysed by our sequence provider Illumina in the USA, leading to a total of 1,422 DNA profiles for the UK.

After whole genome sequencing the researchers have the raw data of the full DNA profile. That means that each of the 3 billion letters in each person’s DNA can be analysed. The analyses of the UK data will soon start at King’s College London by the research group lead by Prof. Ammar Al-Chalabi.

ammar al chalabi

Al-Chalabi is Professor of Complex Genetics and at King’s College London

Project MinE has the ambitious goal of conducting whole genome sequencing of 15,000 ALS patients worldwide, along with 7,500 carefully selected control subjects, creating one of the largest genetic databases for any patient group. The UK whole genome sequencing project of the MND Association is an important part of Project MinE, that brings in many sequenced DNA profiles.

Project MinE, make it yours!

How can I help?

Project MinE is supported by the MND Association and relies entirely on donations. If you would like to make a donation to the UK part of Project MinE, and help us achieve our vision of a world free from MND, click here to make a donation to the MND Association for Project MinE.