Video: Project MinE is a unique collaboration!In this video Jan Veldink explains the uniqueness of Project MinE, the worldwide research for the genetic causes of sporadic as well as familial ALS. In Project MinE, research groups and ALS/ MND Foundations around the globe collaborate intensively.

Jan Veldink is professor of human neuro genetics at the University Medical Center Utrecht. He explains the goals and deliverables of project MinE. This project uses a combination of methods including GWAS, whole genome sequencing, and whole exome sequencing to find new ALS genes. He also describes how project MinE integrates methylation data with genomic data to develop a more complete picture of ALS.

The goal of project MinE

Almost 10,000 DNA profiles have been sequenced so far in project MinE. This is the largest whole genome sequencing dataset that has ever been available for ALS research! The end goal of all 17 countries partnering in Project MinE is to sequence 22.500 DNA samples and find the genetic causes of ALS/MND. 

Deliverables achieved 2017

Project MinE respects the principles for FAIR data sharing. In the Project MinE databrowser you can find (anonymous) project MinE data on several genes. This is a great way to share data with other researchers and with research of other diseases.